Description of Mina's rights and interests entrustment

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1. What's your commission?
We charge 3% for the first three months after the main network goes online, and 5% later。

2. How are rewards distributed?
Block production nodes will be randomly selected based on the weight assigned to MINA and will receive full block incentives and transaction fees.
The licensee will receive a pro rata portion of the commission after deducting the commission。

3. How often do you give out rewards?
For the time being, it is set as one month, and the subsequent adjustment may be made according to the status of node income。

4. Can you get my mina token directly?
Don't. When you entrust your money, the equity broker will never be able to use your money. You're always in control.

5. Can I revoke my delegation?
Yes, you can revoke the delegate at any time. You must note that there is a delay of 1-2 EPOCH cycles in the EPOCH change。

6. Is there a penalty mechanism for block production nodes?
69/5000 Under the MINA protocol, there is no penalty for a node going offline. However, if you are a Creator, then you need to delegate in an agreed membership schedule (see the Official Creator Membership Terms and Conditions).

7. How to contact you?
Please click "Contact" in the upper right corner to get help.